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Mete Bažar Baypinar

Spatial Strategic Planning: Specialization and Diversity as strategic tools
9 settembre 2009, ore 18.00
Asilo Sella, aula magna piano terra
Lungomare Garibaldi, Alghero

International Summer School 2009
Candies and submarines. Tourist policies are territorial policies
4th - 13th of September 2009

Spatial strategic planning has become an important tool in the globalized world for those cities and regions that aim for a vision. Based on the ideas of strategic planning, the tool has been in use now since about 25 years in many parts of the world.
One of the main objectives of spatial strategic planning can be summarised as positioning the economy of a settlement within the global settlement system and thus improving income and, following, quality of life. To do so, spatial strategic planning usually focuses on creating competitive advantages for certain industries, that are thought to bring in high returns in the future.
In this lecture we will discuss about the concept of regional competitive advantages and the roles of economic specialization and diversification for establishing a sustainable development framework. We will try to focus on ideas of Michael Porter on competitive advantages. On the other hand, the evolutionary economic geography perspective provides
an interesting framework for studying the potential effects of specialization and diversification for sustainable development.

Mete Bažar BAYPINAR, is a researcher in the Department of Urban and Regional Planning at Istanbul Technical University, Turkey. He holds an M.Sc. Degree in Regional Planning. He has been involved in the preparation of Greater Municipality of Istanbul Master Plan, and worked with a team of researchers on the Global city-regions and Istanbul’s position within the global city system. He has also been involved in a major research project about Urban Regeneration in Istanbul, also commissioned by the Greater Municipality of Istanbul. The most recent research project he was involved in is the Spatial Impacts of Multimodal Corridor Development on Gateway Areas : Italy, Greece, Turkey run under INTERREG IIIB ARCHIMED Program, with the coordination and participation of universities and local authorities from Italy, Greece and Turkey. His research interests focus on regional inequalities and economic globalization, regional development, spatial strategic planning, cross-border regions, and issues related to spatial integration. He has been involved in national competitions on urban design and sustainable regional development with interdisciplinary
teams and with these teams he has won a 1st prize and an honorary mentionary during 2006-2008. Currently he is a PhD candidate in the field of Urban and Regional Planning.

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