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Giampaolo Nuvolati

Resident and non resident metropolitan populations. Characteristics and conflicts
8 settembre 2009, ore 16:00 - 18:00
Aula 2 piano, Asilo

Cities are currently characterized by the growing presence of different populations: inhabitants, commuters, city users, tourists and metropolitan businessmen, competing in the processes of accessing, controlling and using resources and services. Local communities are no longer stable and closed entities but interact constantly with different populations coming from different places, and having different potentials. Therefore quality of life, problems and opportunities in the communities must be analyzed according to the daily flows of people: residents and non-residents using resources and services located in the city.

Giampaolo Nuvolati is Associate Professor at the University of Milan Bicocca where he teaches Urban Sociology. His main research topics are: quality of life in the cities, characteristics and conflicts between resident and non-resident populations, the flāneur and the city.

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