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Masahiro Shirotsuki

Ways people make active in planning process; the role of personal emotional bonding with place
1 giugno 2009, ore 19.00
Asilo Sella, aula magna piano terra
Lungomare Garibaldi, Alghero

Blocco “Piano &Progetto” - II anno architettura
prof.ssa Paola Rizzi

Attention to our place-based psychological ties has been increasing
in the field of environmental psychology in terms of community development (Manzo and Perkins. 2006, Williams and Vaske. 2003). However, there are few considerations in which these ties make an effect on decision-making process. The issue of decision-making
has been often discussed in the field of urban planning as a “consensus building” last few decades. However, there is a lack of very simple understanding in this field; no conflicts will be happened which derived from non-place-based interests between stakeholders because “people assign the meanings to place through the process of living in it”. This lecture introduce an understanding of a role of personal emotional bonding to places which may encourage people’s attitude and behavior in community planning process and show some examples of the role of place-based emotional bonding and a way to make people active.

Masahiro Shirotsuki, post Doctoral Research Fellow, Centre for Well-being in Public Policy, The University of Sheffield, UK and also Ritsumeikan University, Japan. After his studies in International Business Management and Master of Policy Science he has a PhD on Policy Science. His research on urban and regional planning was concerning all issues of Disaster Mitigation for Urban Cultural Heritage. Currently working on Environmental Psychology and Regional Planning the major of his reasearch is the role of place-based emotional bonding and community participation.

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