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Self and Other in Social Neuroscience and Philosophy of Mind

International Meeting
26th - 28th October 2008
Asilo Sella, Lungomare Garibaldi, Alghero

Organized by CONTACT Project, University of Edinburgh, and Faculty of Architecture, University of Sassari. It forms a part of the EUROCORES programme “Consciousness in a Natural and Cultural Context” and it is funded by the European Science Foundation

Philosophers have for a long time been puzzled by how we can acquire knowledge of other minds. The discovery of the mirror neuron system by neuroscientists working in the University of Parma suggests that we may be linked to others at a fundamental yet primitive level. Mirror neurons are neurons that respond both when an action is observed and when it is initiated, pointing to a tight connection in the brain between seeing and doing the same thing. The understanding of another’s actions may involve the internal recognition of what it is to perform that action oneself, and the mirror neuron system may underlie our ability to understand the actions, intentions and emotions of others. Could mirror neurons provide the underlying basis for human interaction and social cognition?

The conference and CNCC networking meeting will be held at:

Asilo Sella, Lungomare Garibaldi Alghero
Faculty of Architecture
University of Sassari

The organizers are: Fabio Bacchini (Sassari), Andy Clark (Edinburgh), Eva Hoogland (ESF), Julian Kiverstein (Edinburgh), Corrado Sinigaglia (Milano), Silvano Tagliagambe (Sassari).


Johannes Brandl (Salzburg, Philosophy)
Tim Crane (London, UCL, Philosophy)
Elena Daprati (Roma, Cognitive Neuroscience)
Frederique De Vignemont (Paris, Institut Jean Nicod, Philosophy)
Nico Frijda (Amsterdam, Psychology)
Shaun Gallagher (Orlando, University of Central Florida, Philosophy & Cognitive Science)
Pierre Jacob (Paris, Institut Jean Nicod, Philosophy)
Julian Kiverstein (Edinburgh, Philosophy)
Erik Rietveld (Harvard, Philosophy)
Jean-Michel Roy (Lyon, Ecole Normale Superieure de Lettres et Sciences Humaines, Philosophy)
Corrado Sinigaglia (Milano, Philosophy)
Jessica Sommerville (Washington, Psychology)
Barry Smith (London, Birkbeck, Philosophy)
Ed Tan (Amsterdam, Psychology)
Manos Tsakiris (London, Royal Holloway, Psychology)

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Participants are requested to organize their journey so as to land in Fertilia Airport, Alghero. Informations about hotel accomodations will be provided on this web page

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