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Authentication and Recognition

5th Summer School for Advanced Studies on Biometrics
Hotel Capo Caccia, Tramariglio
Alghero, 9–13 June 2008
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In the last decade, several recognition and authentication systems based on biometric measurements have been proposed. Many different biological features have been utilized: fingerprint, face and facial features, retinal scan, iris pattern, hand geometry, dna trace and gait, and others. Algorithms and sensors have been developed to acquire and process all different biometric data sources. The recent introduction of biometric data in electronic documents, such as passports, has increased the relevance of the secure storage and processing of personal biometric data.

What are the most up-to-date core technologies developed in the field? What are the most relevant issues in biometric standardization? What are the real and ultimate limitations of biometric recognition/authentication systems? How to develop/integrate a biometric recognition system?

This school follows the successful International Summer Schools on Biometrics held since 2003, but with a different target. In this fifth edition, the courses will mainly focus on new and emerging issues in biometrics:

  1. How to enforce security and privacy in the biometric system (from template to recognition);
  2. The design and application of new and emerging biometric technologies;
  3. Standardization issues and techniques for evaluation and assessment of biometric applications.

The courses will provide a clear and in-depth picture on the state-of-the-art in biometric verification/identification technology, both under the theoretical and scientific point of view as well as in diverse application domains.

The talks will be delivered by 18 out of the best internationally reputed experts, both from academia and industry, actively working in several fields related to biometric technologies.

Emphasis will be given to evaluation, standardization and to define the maturity of technology for the deployment of biometrics in a wide range of applications.