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ISAGA Summer School

The Art and Science of Simulation and Gaming Design and Facilitation for Business and Management
June 21-30, 2008
New Delhi, India
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5th International Summer School in Gaming Simulation

"The art and science of simulation and gaming design and facilitation for business and management".

As Klabbers has pointed out, design - broadly conceived - aims at implementing courses of action with the purpose to change existing (dysfunctional) situations into preferred ones. He distinguishes two levels of design: “design-in-the-small” and “design-in-the-large.”
Design-in-the-large offers a basis to various forms of consulting, training and education in the attempt to foster new ways of thinking and acting in the context of organizational and management development. To produce a more holistic understanding of systems and to generate ideas for change, simulation games and related design methodologies offer an effective approach.
Design-in-the-small produces gaming/simulations (gaming artifacts) as interventions and interactive learning environments to enhance a shift of existing organizational cultures and structures. Used with that goal in mind, they contribute to the “design-in the-large” process of social systems. In such situations, emphasis is on the interplay between both levels of design. It leads to a preferred (re)construction of real situations through the constitution of new knowledge, competencies and skills, norms and roles, and the change of the physical and social environment itself.

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