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Life in Alghero

Our campus is situated in the beautiful historic centre of the city.

The friendly and informal campus life in Alghero is a reflection of the community at large; Alghero is a tolerant, lively and exciting place. Alghero, capital of the Coral Coast, is one of the most coveted goals of the northwest coast thanks to its 80 km of sand beaches, isolated inlets and charming cliffs. Alghero is located on the north-western coast of Sardinia and has a population of approximately 42,000 people. It is a very pretty city that combines an untouched and completely pedestrian medieval town centre with beautiful beaches and clear seas. Originally a fishing village, it was seized by the Genoese towards the end of the 12th century and became an important fortress. The city then came under control of the Catalans in the 14th century and still has many Catalonian characteristics, like the language, to this day.
Alghero Airport is approximately 10 kilometres to the North West of the town centre and is directly connected with Rome, Milan and several important European cities, such as London, Frankfurt and Paris.

The School of Architecture

The University of Sassari Faculty of Architecture is located in Alghero and is the only Architecture Faculty in Sardinia.

The following degree courses are currently available:

Degree course in Architecture (single, five-year course) granting a Specialist/Master’s Degree in Architecture (Class 4/S) on conclusion of the course (5 years).

Degree in Territorial, Urban and Environmental Planning (three-year course) granting a basic degree in the class of Degrees in Town Planning and the Science of Territorial and Environmental Planning (Class 7).

On conclusion of the course (3 years) the follow-on Specialist/Master’s Degree in Environmental Policies and Planning (two-year course) in collaboration with the University of Venice (IUAV) and the Autonomous University of Barcelona (Class 54/S) grants a Specialist Degree and Spanish Master in Environmental Policies and Planning. Access to the course is limited to those who already have a three-year degree or higher qualification.

Degree in Design (three-year course) granting a basic degree in Industrial Design.

Doctorate School in Architecture and Planning: the admission to the Doctorate School requires a Master's degree. It is based on a public concourse: the announcement is published on the University and Faculty websites. Students from outside the European Union may apply for admission after an assessment of their educational and research curricula by an academic commission.

Second level International Master in Landscape Architecture
The Master is organised in four parts over a period of 16 months.
At the completion of the Master a certificate with the title of Second Level University Master in Landscape Architecture: Mediterranean Landscape Urbanism - University of Sassari, Faculty of Architecture - will be issued to the students.

Other Educational Activities
Besides institutional activities the faculty offers: International Summer Schools which are held in different towns of Sardinia on the themes of strategic planning, landscape, design, coastal area management, tourism and industrial areas reclamation, master courses, specialist courses, integrative activities, educational trips and conferences.

Access to Degree Courses
Access to courses is programmed and is by ministerial test only.
Instructions for enrolment and the maximum number admitted are indicated each year in specific details published by the University of Sassari at all Student Secretariats and on the Faculty website.
Each year places are reserved for students from outside Europe.

The structure of the teaching syllabus requires a constant relationship between students, tutors and staff: for this reason attendance for laboratory sessions and teaching blocks is compulsory.

The Faculty is situated in prestigious buildings in the historic part of the town of Alghero: the Pou Salit building, the Diocesan Children's Home and the Sella Nursery School.

Action for students – Basic Mathematics Course
In order to meet the formative needs of students, the Faculty has implemented an intensive mathematics course lasting one week. The module consists of 4 hours of lessons daily and is run before the beginning of the academic year.
Other revision courses may be held during the course of the academic year.

Educational trips
Educational trips are an important part of education at the Faculty. Thus, each year trips are organized, dealing with a project inherent in the teaching syllabus or relating to the thesis, placement or Erasmus Project.

Erasmus and placements
The list of European centres cooperating in the Erasmus exchange, involving the Faculty students, can be found on the Erasmus website. A list is also available for students of the centres where placements can be arranged in Italy and abroad.


ABCD: a computer system of information, communication, materials archive and community: it is a website which offers services to all people who teach, study and work at the faculty and a work and interaction tool for all different users

AAA Work: Architecture at Alghero Work: the faculty set up a "job placement" desk with the aim of assisting the students in their professional choices and helping new graduates with their professional career.

The Time Bank: the faculty is using a Time bank in order to manage several services in a cooperative way (copying and printing, bill-posting and event organization).

Library: the faculty has one library that is part of the library system of the University of Sassari with a loan service at a national level.

Facilities and information
All information regarding the faculty facilities is continuously updated on the website: