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The three careers (Architecture, Planning and Design) of the educational project of the Faculty are based on bimonthly design laboratories following the learning by doing principle

Courses are project-oriented from the first year, enabling students to directly apply what they have learnt in the theory sections. Students achieve the capacity to transfer the concepts they learn into drafts and to get used to the pace and deadlines imposed by professional work.

This way of organizing degree courses, an innovation for Italy, has its origins in a careful analysis and in-depth assessment of the main international educational experiences, for the change in terms of both learning methods and professional work.

For the first two years of the course lessons are in bimonthly teaching blocks: the blocks are often coordinated and linked to each other.

The bimonthly blocks last seven weeks, after which there is a break in lessons.

During the third year students make a period of apprenticeship 2 months for Planning and Design students and 3 months for Architecture students.

During the third, fourth and fifth year the design blocks become four-monthly. This allows an in-depth study which is essential for more complex projects.

The four-monthly blocks last fifteen weeks, after which there is a two-week break in lessons.

During the last year of the course there are laboratory sessions aimed at preparing the final dissertation.

Widespread use of new technologies, including a learning management system (, is a feature of the study plans and creates an atmosphere of investigation and creative work.

The Faculty of Architecture courses enable skills in architectonic design, restoration, land valuation and management, territorial planning, environmental planning, analysis of urban, structures, environmental impact assessment, industrial design, interaction design, ….


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