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The Faculty of Architecture is located in Alghero, in the hearth of the city, and is the first Faculty of Architecture in Sardinia.

The Faculty offers several educational and research programmes:


Degree in Architecture (five-year course) granting the Specialist/Master's Degree (laurea specialistica) in Architecture (Class 4/S) on conclusion of the complete course; available places 40 EU students + 12 non-EU students.


Bachelor Degree in Territorial, Urban and Environmental Planning (three-year course) granting the Bachelor degree (laurea triennale) in Town Planning and Sciences of Territorial and Environmental Planning (Class 7); available places 30 EU students + 9 non-EU students.
On conclusion of this three course (3 years) one may follow the
Specialist/Master's Degree in Environmental Policies and Planning (two-year course) in collaboration with the University Iuav of Venice and the Autonomous University of Barcelona (Class 54/S) granting the Italian Master's Degree (laurea specialistica) and the Spanish Master's degree in Environmental Policies and Planning. Access to the course is limited to those with a three-year (or higher) degree qualification in Planning, Architecture or similar degrees. available places 30 EU students + 9 non-EU students.


Bachelor Degree in Industrial Design\Design (three-year course) granting the Bachelor degree (laurea triennale) in Industrial Design (Class 42); available places 30 EU students + 9 non-EU students.

Doctorate School in Architecture and Planning: the admission to the Doctorate School requires a Master's degree. It is based on a public concourse: the announcement is published on the University and Faculty websites. Students from outside the European Union may apply for admission after an assessment of their educational and research curricula by an academic commission.

Second level International Master in Landscape Architecture:
The Master is organised in four parts over a period of 16 months. Its activities are: frontal/ classroom teaching, assisted workshop activity, assisted study activity, distance individual and collective teaching/ learning activity (45 cfu/ECTS), apprenticeship (10 cfu/ECTS) and a final project (5 cfu/ECTS).
At the completion of the Master a certificate with the title of Second Level University Master in Landscape Architecture: Mediterranean Landscape Urbanism - University of Sassari, Faculty of Architecture - will be issued to the students.
For further information on the Master go to this link

Didactics Organization

To understand the didactic offer it is important to remember that the project activities in the laboratory are essential components of the learning experience. Therefore, as will be described more specifically in the following presentation, various disciplines concur in the field of planning.

The didactic offer is organised in units, ‘bricks’ of seven weeks called bimestri. Generally the eighth week of the bimestre is free from lessons and laboratories, and during this period exams, eduactional trips and other activities take place. The first and second year have five “bricks”, while the third year has only three, since the second part of the year is dedicated to apprenticeship and to preparation of the thesis (please see the scheme below). Inside of this ‘module’ the didactic blocks and mono-disciplinary courses are developed.

A didactic block, i.e. one or two courses coordinated in connection with a laboratory can cover one or two bimestri. The subjects coordinated in the planning laboratory are called ‘block subjects’ (It: materie di blocco).

Tutors monitor and assist in the activities of the laboratories and the projects, and in the didactic activities in general. The exams are given at the end of each bimestre and quadrimestre block. The rest of the courses are developed independently of the didactic blocks (even though they may often be related to the project-activities), and may last for one to four bimestri. The exam takes place at the end of the course. The courses making up the didactic blocks as well as the mono-disciplinary courses can be divided in smaller modules, to reflect the various disciplinary contributions which may be present.

The educational offer is completed with “cultural activities”, which, together with lessons, laboratories, materials and communication via Internet constitute a true international environment and an excellent setting for learning.

The Faculty organizes several activities, such as International Summer Schools, Spring and Autumn Workshops, Conferences.
The Faculty has a wide range of international agreements, amongst them LLP Erasmus agreements with 26 Universities and several programmes for students and researchers mobility.

Faculty organization

Faculty Dean: Prof. Giovanni Maciocco:

President of Council for Architectural Science Degree Course:
Prof. Maurizio Minchilli:

President of Council for Territorial, Urban and Environmental Planning Degree Course:
Prof. Arnaldo Cecchini:

President of Council for Design Degree Course:
Prof. Sebastiano Bagnara: